More and more real estate professionals are encouraging home buyers to invest in a professional home inspection before purchasing a property. Additionally, a growing number of agents are even suggesting pre-listing inspections to sellers. The reason is simple – a quality real estate inspection is to the advantage of everyone involved in a transaction. Sellers who’ve had a pre-listing inspection may sell their homes more quickly and with fewer surprises. As the real estate professional, you can enjoy more efficient transactions with less chance for unpleasant and potentially costly post-closing problems.

Other benefits to real estate professionals:

Less Buyer Discomfort – Whether the property your client is considering is old or new, our inspectors help provide peace of mind with details of the current condition of the property being considered.

Curtailed Buyer’s Remorse – Many homebuyers believe that a brand-new home is a worry-free investment. But even the best homebuilders make mistakes, and that’s where we can help. Our inspectors can conduct a new home inspection that may disclose items in need of repair, therefore helping to reduce buyer’s remorse after the purchase.

More Sales – The home is priced closer to its value, which can help improve the speed and likelihood of a sale.

Fewer Negotiations – Prior acknowledgement of any defects that are already reflected in the sales price may often leave buyers with fewer objections.

Reduced Listing Time – A home inspection benefits all parties involved by providing insight into the condition of the home, thereby helping to reduce the overall listing time of your client’s property. Your home inspection helps provide a more accurate depiction of a home’s condition, and allows everyone to become more familiar with the property.